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what we do

We define, design, develop and deliver market worthy products.

Defining products is a full service hot house that takes product simply and successfully from concept to shelf placement covering all the steps inbetween. We are passionate about lifestyle products and have a 20 year track record for all things home, beauty and wellbeing.

Working with us is simple; we untangle the knots in your product challenge, design around the latest trends, get hands on with development and deliver confidence in your product with buyership know how. 


what we do

We define, design, develop and deliver market worthy products.

Defining products is a full service hot house that takes product simply and successfully from concept to shelf placement covering all the steps inbetween. We are passionate about lifestyle products and have a 20 year track record for all things home, beauty and wellbeing.

Working with us is simple; we untangle the knots in your product challenge, design around the latest trends, get hands on with development and deliver confidence in your product with buyership know how. 


Our Approach

It all starts with the end

We understand the cyclical nature of retail and we offer a full circle creative and commercial service that delivers season-on-season. We love bringing beautiful products into the world and our exacting standards and can do attitude means that we go above and beyond every step of the way. In four simple stages Define. Design. Develop. Deliver we start with the end in mind to strategically deliver products of desire and commercial merit.



Retail Expertise

With long term buyership experience at leading brands; John Lewis, Hobbycraft, Laura Ashley, Debenhams, The Body Shop and many more, our team confidently work with retailers across international markets. We help set the vision for commercially resonant product strategies and top them off with designs developed with an eye for detail that shine on shelf.


Sourcing Strategies and Briefing

We have travelled the world for over two decades building relationships with select suppliers.  Our comprehensive little black address book opens up doors and helps us to proactively build bespoke sourcing strategies. Identifying and selecting the perfect Manufacturing partners as well as critical path management and packaging design and development all sit comfortably within our capacity.


Range Build and Product Development

With sound commercial acumen and a track record for creative delivery, we demystify and map out the steps in building a range from concept through to delivery. We partner with a broad range of designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to help brands as well as OEM/private labels by creating robust range plans and development paths.


Brand Creation and Build 

We know that the story behind your brand and range are just as important as the products themselves. That is why we also support brand creation with hand picked experts to write, visually articulate and design all the assets for your brand at every touch point. As well as beautiful communication our brand creation is a strategic tool that keeps growth in mind.


Style Guides and Vision Book 

Style Guides and Vision Books are must have tools when it comes to showcasing your brand direction and guidelines. They bring substance and reasoning to your unique product style and communication, as well as build confidence with stake holders while bringing all parties onto the same page.


CPA Management

All great projects set out with great project management. We start with the end in mind with CPA tools (Critical Path Analysis) that enroll and manage all the facets and partnerships from definition through to delivery. Not all projects are a straight line, but our CPA expertise ensures your product is delivered, complete and on time.


Video Production

Video is an essential communication tool, which is why we now have a dedicated in-house production unit. Using the latest tech in video, editing, sound, music creation and animation, we complete the circle by creating bespoke movies. Our confidence with product and brand ensures a rich script and storyboard that gets to the heart of your pitch.



Your product journey is an asset to your brand. To compliment our video production, branding, product development and design we have a dedicated photographer who works with us to document all the projects, people, planning, and of course final product shoots.


The Team

The Team


Where it all began.

Defining Products was founded by Fiona Caulfield; former Senior Buyer for John Lewis and Head of Buying for Hobbycraft and Laura Ashley. 

The business is the culmination of 20 years of retail and product develop expertise for some of the most celebrated British brands. Drawing on Fiona’s experience Defining Products services grew out of a niche for a product business that balances creativity with commerce, inspiration with instigation and first hand development with successful delivery. 

The business is now a growing team of specialists that help clients of all sizes manage seasonal change and the risks involved. Every one of our clients come to us with a unique challenge and every project is taken on as a partnership.



focused. exacting. direct.

Over the course of 20 years Fiona has established a reputation for turning over highly successful retail strategies, range plans and products that are developed and delivered timely and to a high standard. Having headed the buying departments for some of the UK’s leading retail brands Fiona now consults on an international level, leveraging her experience and relationships built over the course of her career.

Understanding people is at the heart of what Fiona does. While she carries exacting standards she always seeks to empower others, inspire positive change and stoke a passion for international product development. From her point of view, retail requires dynamism so she's always on the look out for what’s new, finding ways to adapt quickly and has a love for commercialising innovations.



versatile. commercial. diligent.

Jackie has an extensive background in UK retail and has specific experience as a buyer in fashion, homeware and wellbeing. She works at pace, is diligent, uncompromising and her organisational skills ensure all projects are planned, packaged and delivered with exacting standards each and every time. Jackie is also a qualified Interior Designer which allows us to go one step beyond when we are designing and developing market leading product.



expressive. creative. relevant.

Fleur's talents as a designer are never ending, she balances her creative ability with commercial sensitivity. She strives to make the complex simple, always putting the customer first. She's hungry for what’s new and monitors and maps all trends regularly, with a keen interest  in the wider market she always finds unique ways to apply this to cross category opportunities.



eloquent. strategic. visionary.

Khai is a very visionary operator but balances this with deep strategic thinking, he likes to delve in the detail of every project to clearly define and detail all stages in the creation of a concept to delivery. He is able to extract the salient points and build this into a clear and logical project plan which explains the thinking, the stages and steps. He is a great orator and has an engaging, emotive and empowering way of working with others. Helping to get the best out of everyone he works with. 



passion. imagination. precision.

With a strong background in product design and development Kat’s creative abilities are unending, she carries such passion and enthusiasm. Each design challenge gives Katerina a chance to share her many talents and she approaches every project with a precision and attention to minute detail that delivers outstanding results each and every time. She has passion and determination that ensures she quickly gets to the heart of the issue and builds a clear plan to deliver excellence. Katerina’s skills span design, development and product manufacture.



dynamic. artistic. dedicated.

George is a passionate film maker, with over 15 years experience of creating compelling video.  After graduating from UAL (London University of the Arts) George has worked on award winning short films. He has also created a body of branded video content for a variety of businesses, from bakers to international banks.  He has an ability to accurately capture an engaging visual narrative, portraying the essence of a brand or product with his deft, artistic touch.



strategic. articulate. engaging.

Ed has been producing engaging and effective content since 2004, including working for creative powerhouses Ogilvy PR Worldwide and Edelman.  Ed enjoys communicating brand stories and broadcasting brand messages clearly and effectively.  From creating content for flea treatments to Formula One, Ed speaks in a voice which resonates with the chosen audience and captures their attention.


provocative. inspiring. astute.

Innovation, ideas generation and an unbelievable ability to get to the heart of what matters, Douglas joins us at the start of each project to lead a brainstorming exercise to define exactly what is important. Astute, aware of changing market demands & needs and with a never ending energy Douglas is able to think both strategically and creatively. He brings years of PR, Marketing and risk assessment to our planning and project management. 


inquisitive. unbiased. raw.

Fresh out of Uni, Eliesse brings a fresh, unbiased hunger for what’s new. She starts all our projects by joining us in asking lots of questions and then looks to find the answers at the same time as learning the ropes.  She is an avid traveller and writes regularly for the Defining Products Discovers blog.





wise. loyal. attentive. 



bold. funny. loving. 



elegant. playful. fun.


Our Network

Our Network



At Defining Products we extend our team to include industry leading experts to join us on projects that require a specific level of creative, commercial or technical expertise. We have worked with each member of our network on numerous projects and we understand each others skillset and preferred way of working. All projects are fully managed by the Defining Products team and we brief and lead the output of all the elements created by any members of our network. 

We value the additional expertise that our network offers and we are proud to be in association.


Narrative white logo.png

Strategic Design Business

Narrative Studio marry industrial design with fashion, consumer insights with manufacture and commercial common sense with great design thinking. Through a seamless exchange of experts, they’ve taken businesses of all sizes all the way from insight through to manufacture and launch!

Defining Products have collaborated with Narrative Studio for many years, we speak the same language and know how to share all our talents to deliver perception, planning and perfection. We see that Kat, Khai and all their team are now an extension of our team too.


Gary Porter Creative


Store Design and VM Development

Gary Porter Creative has been creating compelling visual environments for 25 years, working with countless major brands including Harrods, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot and Giorgio Armani. By creating the most seductive surroundings in which to present merchandise they have an excellent track record of dynamically increasing sales, from apparel to fragrance; jewellery to champagne.

Gary works with us to define store concepts, select materials and finishes, create full technical guides for shop fitters and inspiring and visually stimulating instore displays. Gary and his highly talented team are dynamic, always on trend, work at great speed and are absolutely at the top of their game. Above all else they are a pleasure to work with.




Born in Germany but now living and working in London, Sebastian’s first love is capturing portraits and Interiors with a unique sense of personality, flair and always with a never ending sense of style.

He has a unique ability to put his subject at ease and to capture the essence of the moment in an instant. Sebastian has a great ability to disappear into the background, allowing the subject to continue with their day  - the result is the most beautiful and seemingly effortless photographs.

Fiona and Sebastian have now worked on numerous projects for Interiors, Lifestyle Interiors and reportage for designers, brands and on location in factories.

Sebastian followed and recorded the making of the Defining Products film on camera, capturing all the behind the scenes action and now travels around the world with us photographing all our products in development.


The Point Logo WHITE No BG.png

Brand Extension Consultancy

The Point bring brands, retailers, manufacturers and charities together to create long term sustainable partnerships.

They deliver incremental, market leading product collections that will increase brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and increase brand love.  They donate 11% of our profits to charities that have an emotional connection to each collaboration.

The Point is associated with Joseph Miller & Sons Ltd – a fifth generation family company with 128 years experience in bringing products to market. The company was formed in Borough, London Bridge in 1888.

We have worked with The Point for the last 3 years collaborating on some award winning and new to market innovations. The Point are experts at brand extension, they can spot trends and opportunities to grow well established brands into new sectors. Our collaboration allows us to tailor and direct the extensions into market leading product ranges and packaging schemes.

Will and Fiona worked together as buyers for many years at John Lewis and dreamt of one day working together on our very own exciting projects – and now it's a reality!



Textile and Surface Decoration

Jane Mosse established her design studio in 1986 and has become renowned for her collection of diverse and innovative patterns which are produced by a team of highly creative designers.

This is a British company supplying both CAD and hand painted artwork to the Home Furnishing Industry for printed and woven textiles, bed linen, kitchen and tabletop, bath products, children’s designs and wall art as well as the stationery and giftware markets. We rely on Jane to source, commission and lead the design of unique bodies of work to support numerous projects. Jane has an international reputation and we are so happy to be able to work together.